Confident Sober Women Podcast with Host Shelby John

Confident Sober Women Podcast with Shelby John

Do you desire MORE now that you have been sober for longer?

Alysse got sober before all the “sober luxuries” that are available now just weren’t available. She was still very young, and her social and professional life revolved around drinks. 

Thankfully, immediately, she enjoyed some of the benefits of not drinking. However, she still made many of the same bad decisions in dating and managing life.  After a few years of not drinking, she knew she didn’t want to go back to substances, but the depression she was experiencing set in deeply. She experienced a sober bottom of around four years.

One day at a time, she surrounded herself with people who supported her decision to stay sober. Alysse shares both the fun and the tears that have filled her eighteen years of sobriety. She created The Sober Curator to offer resources for those in long-term recovery and filled it with everything she needed during her journey.

Alysse wants to smash the stigma that living in long-term sobriety is boring. She has had way more fun in sobriety than she did during her active addiction! She loves to look for adventures and try new things. Alysse and I share how we grew in our confidence throughout recovery; boundaries are a big part of that. She also learned to share openly about her recovery in her professional life, which developed her self-confidence even more.

Alysse and I talk about the unique position we have to serve people who have already been sober for a little while and are doing the work of emotional sobriety, and want to thrive in long-term recovery.

Alysse Bryson is a strong woman in recovery, an innovative media maven, a marketing guru, and a gal about town. This sober gal has a humorous outlook on life and a fierce determination to succeed.

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