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Sober Travel Podcast with Kat Lyons

Welcome to the latest addition in the realm of sober travel inspiration – the new sober travel podcast by Kat Lyons, now featured on The Sober Curator website within the Recovery Podcastland section. This exciting podcast delves into the world of sober exploration, offering insights, tips, and stories for those seeking adventure without alcohol. Join host Kat Lyons on a journey of discovery as she uncovers hidden gems and travel experiences tailored to the sober community. In an exclusive interview, Alysse Bryson (Founder of The Sober Curator) and her good friend Pop Buchanan of Sober is Dope share their enthusiasm and insights, adding a touch of expertise and excitement to this fantastic new podcast series. Get ready to embark on a sober travel adventure like never before!

About Sober Travel Podcast:

Welcome to the Sober Travel Podcast, your ultimate destination for alcohol-free travel and sobriety exploration! Whether you’re sober curious, supporting a sober loved one, or have long-term sobriety, this podcast is for you. I’m Kat Lyons, your dedicated travel expert with over 15 years of alcohol-free adventures, here to guide you through a world of inspiring, sober travel.

Why Tune In to Sober Travel?

Dive into a podcast that uniquely blends the excitement of travel with the empowerment of sobriety. “Sober Travel” is the first of its kind, bringing together the thrill of exploration and the clarity of an alcohol-free lifestyle. Join me as we explore the transformative power of sober travel, offering you a wealth of resources, support, and inspiration.

What You’ll Discover:

Alcohol-Free Destinations: From serene beach retreats and bustling urban escapes to hidden gems around the globe, discover the best places to travel without the booze. Learn from world-famous travel authors, popular travel podcasters, savvy travel agents, and even professional athletes about sober-friendly hotspots and off-the-beaten-path treasures.

Travel Tips & Strategies: Get insider tips on planning your sober adventures. From creating effective packing lists to navigating social situations, we’ll ensure your travels are stress-free and unforgettable.

Sobriety Stories: Hear compelling stories from sobriety experts, award-winning journalists, bestselling authors, 12-step recovery addiction counselors, and more. These remarkable individuals share their personal journeys, providing motivation and empowerment to live and travel alcohol-free.

Community & Inspiration: Connect with a supportive community of like-minded travelers. Share experiences, find encouragement, and redefine what it means to explore the world sober. Take us with you on your next flight simply by popping this sober podcast into your headphones and bam, you have a community anywhere you go!

Exclusive Southern California Content: Based in sunny San Diego, I’ll also take you on alcohol-free vacations across Southern California. Discover the joys of sober Disneyland trips, alcohol-free road trips, sober cruises, and more. Whether you’re traveling locally or globally, “Sober Travel” is your comprehensive guide to enjoying life without alcohol.

Why Tune In to Sober Travel?

Sober Travel Podcast Goals:

  1. Create Community: Build a vibrant, supportive network of sober travelers.
  2. Inspire & Encourage: Share stories and tips that motivate and uplift.
  3. Promote Sober Trips & Retreats: Join our exclusive sober travel experiences and retreats designed to rejuvenate your spirit and ignite your passion for life. Visit for all our upcoming opportunities traveling beyond the bar.

Tune In, Get Inspired, and Travel Sober—because Life’s Greatest Adventures Are Best Experienced with a Clear Mind and Big Dreams.
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