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From Incarceration to Inspiration | King County Recovery Conversations

Join host Alysse Bryson on King County Recovery Conversations as she welcomes Wil DeRouen, a certified peer counselor and impactful community advocate. Wil shares his transformative journey from incarceration and addiction to becoming a guiding force for single fathers and individuals in the BIPOC community. He recounts mentoring success stories, including helping a program graduate who became a firefighter and another who navigated the loss of his wife while completing the program.

In this heartfelt episode, Wil emphasizes the power of peer-to-peer support, drawing from genuine experiences to create immediate connections. He opens up about his own struggles and stresses the importance of wellness time, patient recovery, and community involvement. Alysse and Wil discuss their shared tenacity and the necessity of balance and recharging, illustrating how personal accountability and open communication can reshape lives.

Wil discusses his ambitious goals, including starting a business for reentry support and working with pre- and post-release inmates. He also touches on his involvement with Dad’s Move, a nonprofit championing resources for fathers, and their upcoming events. Listeners are encouraged to explore the various pathways to recovery and find value in candid personal stories of resilience, unity, and community support.

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Resources from the episode:

– Connect with Wil on LinkedIn:   / wiljr75   – Learn more about Dads Move here:

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-If you are experiencing substance, use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge, please visit the ⁠Washington Recovery Helpline⁠ for resources and a 24-hour helpline:

King County Recovery Conversations is a podcast on a mission to celebrate recovery and help break the stigma of addiction and mental health. In each episode, policy experts, program professionals, and those with lived experience join host Heather Venegas to share stories of hope, resilience, and healing in our community. Together, we’ll learn about the various pathways to recovery – and the services and support systems available to anyone impacted by addiction and mental health. Whether you’re someone seeking recovery, someone in recovery, a family member or friend, or a healthcare professional, this podcast is for you. Connect with King County Recovery Coalition ⁠online⁠, on Facebook (⁠@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition⁠), or on YouTube (⁠@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition⁠).

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