King County Recovery Conversations: Carolyn Presnell: Transforming Trauma into Triumph

Join me for an inspiring conversation with Carolyn Presnell on the King County Recovery Conversations podcast. Carolyn is a dedicated speaker and Program Director at Weld Seattle. With personal experience in incarceration, she actively advocates for the previously incarcerated, breaking barriers and promoting positive change. Carolyn’s commitment extends beyond her official roles, collaborating with organizations and policymakers to advocate for fairer policies and increased resources in criminal justice reform. Her legacy leaves a lasting impact of hope and inspiration.

Carolyn unveils her transformative journey from battling addiction and legal troubles to aiding others in similar plights. She shares how simplifying her life has brought untold richness, far exceeding her previous life’s material focus, and wisdom gained in the process. I can tell you that around the 20-minute mark into the episode, I started crying at the beauty of Carolyn’s story.

Enjoy a frank discussion about the intricacies of recovery, the pivotal role of spiritual awakening, and the liberating path of the Twelve Step program. Carolyn’s story is a testament to endurance and the power of thankfulness, vividly illustrating the life-altering effect of expressing gratitude to a lenient judge who recognized her potential for change.

Resources from the episode:

– Weld Seattle and its work with King County Courts and community support. Learn more about their mission and services ⁠here⁠:

– Keep up with Alysse Bryson: LinkedIN and check out The Sober Curator:

– Washington Recovery Helpline for support with substance use disorder, problem gambling, and mental health challenges.

– Learn more about King County Recovery Coalition and the work they do ⁠here: To become a volunteer, a member, an advocate, or an event guest, ⁠visit their website⁠.

-The King County Recovery Coalition is a regional coalition of the Washington Recovery Alliance (WRA). Learn more about the WRA and the work they do ⁠here: ⁠ Want to find a way to get involved? ⁠Click here⁠ to become a member, volunteer, or donate to help change hearts and minds around mental health and substance use disorder in Washington state.

King County Recovery Conversations is a podcast on a mission to celebrate recovery and help break the stigma of addiction and mental health. In each episode, policy experts, program professionals, and those with lived experience join host Heather Venegas to share stories of hope, resilience, and healing in our community. Together, we’ll learn about the various pathways to recovery – and the services and support systems available to anyone impacted by addiction and mental health. Whether you’re someone seeking recovery, someone in recovery, a family member or friend, or a healthcare professional, this podcast is for you.

Connect with King County Recovery Coalition ⁠online⁠, on Facebook (⁠@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition⁠), or on YouTube (⁠@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition⁠).

About Weld Seattle

The mission of Weld Seattle is to equip system-impacted individuals with housing, employment, and resources conducive to recovery and successful reintegration into society.

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