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The Sober Curator Speaks With the Non Drinking Buddies Podcast

Hello, sober (and sober-curious) comrades! I’m Alysse Bryson, and if you’re navigating the waves of a booze-free existence and craving inspo that doesn’t revolve around happy hour, you’ve landed in the right spot! In the latest episode of “Non Drinking Buddies,” hosts Rebekka Johnson and Anne Gregory sat down with me, the Founder of The Sober Curator, to chat about surviving and thriving in sobriety.

Let me tell you a little secret: back pre-pandemic, I noticed a surge in #sobriety-centric social media conversations but struggled to find content that wasn’t as dry as my drink choices. That’s when I decided to trade cocktail crafting for actual crafting—think diamond painting and more—as a creative pandemic pastime.

Starting with just a small crew of four, this blog evolved into a lively hub for the sober and sober-curious community. It’s not all about preaching the sober gospel; it’s about presenting a buffet of spirited, alcohol-free entertainment options. Picture sober barscomedy nights, and even burlesque without the buzz.

And here’s the exciting part: we’ve grown to a fantastic group of 31 sober creators spanning the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the UK. Together, we craft content that’s as exhilarating as a double-shot espresso, minus the jitters.

If you ever doubted that the sober life lacked rhythm, Rebekka and Anne’s dive into swing dancing without spirits might just sway away your uncertainties. Imagine square dancing but keep it sober. Why? Because sobriety doesn’t mean sacrificing the vibrancy of life. Rebekka, Anne, and I are ready to dance our way into building a community brimming with engaging, alcohol-free adventures.

“The Sober Curator” isn’t merely a title; it’s a content hub and a community of kindred spirits dedicated to maintaining sobriety. After nearly two decades of living in sobriety, I’ve discovered a passion for connecting through writing, podcasting, video content creation, and hosting events (both online and in real life)—and that’s certainly something worth celebrating (with a mocktail in hand, of course).

So, lace up your dancing shoes (or grab those paintbrushes) and join me on an exciting journey through a world where fun isn’t fermented. Get ready to hear stories about overcoming the perpetual “workaholic” addiction, discovering purpose, and realizing that flipping through Cosmo doesn’t always mirror real life. Cheers to embracing sobriety and living life to the fullest! Getting sober matters. Staying sober matters more.

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