From Rock Bottom to Recovery Author: Michele W. Miller’s Journey

Welcome back to another episode of Eternally Amy, and today we have an inspiring voyage from rock bottom to the peaks of recovery with our esteemed guest, Michele W. Miller (@michelewmiller).

Michele candidly opens up about her unique writing process, revealing how half-hour morning sessions keep her focused, yet flexible enough to extend when she’s in the zone (2:15). She dives into the details of working amidst the chaos of a bustling household, complete with kids and dogs, painting a vivid picture of her creative space (4:05).

In expressing her gratitude for joining us on the show, Michele voices her hopes that her books provide joy or a fright to her readers, as well as a beacon of encouragement for anyone walking the long path of recovery (8:40). Her story arc from lawyer to felon to public interest lawyer is a testament to her resilience and determination (12:55).

Co-host Alysse Bryson (@alyssebryson) and I delve into the necessity for more nuanced narratives around addiction recovery, moving beyond the clichéd depictions we so often see (16:20), while mentioning a thought-provoking film about the lingering impact of past traumas on a character 13 years sober (18:50).

Michele doesn’t shy away from discussing her potential future works, including spinning a series from her book “The Lower Power” and teasing a sequel to her zombie recovery novel (27:30). The passion is palpable as she emphasizes her focus on impact over applause or profit (29:45).

Our candid conversation then transitions to Michele’s efforts to expand the reach of addiction fiction, highlighting other authors like Lawrence Block who’ve paved the way with recovery-oriented characters (33:10), and Alysse shares her own experiences with seeing herself reflected in characters battling sobriety (36:10).

Michele shares insights into her character development and her organic, faith-driven writing approach where her characters take on lives of their own, often integrating aspects of her own past (41:20). Our chat twists through the ways recovery themes merge with fantastical elements like the zombie apocalypse in Michele’s “13th Step” (48:40).

With Michele’s openness about her personal journey—from the lows of battling cocaine addiction to the highs of obtaining her law license after incarceration (51:10)—listeners are sure to find a linchpin of hope in this episode. Fellow co-host Alysse Bryson celebrates the parallels in their pasts as former drug dealers (54:30).

Michele now works with organizations aiding individuals’ reentry into society post-prison, sharing these experiences through her writing, capturing not just her voice but the collective stories of recovery (57:00).

Stay with us as Michele reflects on the evolution of her characters from self-mirroring to incorporating her own backstory, especially seen in ‘The Lower Power’, using her Rikers Island stint as raw material (1:02:20).

Michele’s reflection on her continuous recovery journey, alongside her pivotal role as a public interest lawyer and chief government ethics prosecutor for New York City, accentuates her multifaceted life (1:08:55).

We wrap up with Michele’s infectious aspiration to inspire not just fellow recoverees but a broad audience with her critically acclaimed novels, which are representative of her unparalleled trek across the depths and triumphs of life (1:11:35).

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Quick Facts About This Interview with Michele W. Miller

– Michele is an attorney and author of four published novels.

– She is 34 years sober after battling a cocaine and heroin addiction that led her to jails, institutions, and near-death experiences.

– Michele graduated from NYU Law School and became a lawyer at 22, facing a 15-to-life sentence for drug possession by age 25 under New York’s Rockefeller Law. Despite avoiding prison in that case, she was disbarred for nine years due to a felony conviction.

– In recovery, she regained her law license and worked as a public interest lawyer, later serving as NYC’s chief government ethics prosecutor.

– Currently, she is the General Counsel for The Fortune Society, helping the formerly incarcerated with re-entry services.

– Michele continues to attend meetings and assist others in overcoming addiction.

– She resides in Upper Manhattan, where her novels are often set, with her husband, twin sons, two cats, and a large dog.

– Represented by Writers House, her novels have been published by Blackstone Publishing and Crooked Lane Books.

– Her books have received accolades such as being named “Best of 2019” by Strand Magazine and a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.

– Publishers Weekly praises her latest novel, “THE LOWER POWER,” as a “superbly written tale of urban survivors fighting to save themselves once more.”

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