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Welcome to Sidekick Sessions, part of the BEATS WORKING podcast. It’s where we gather the team at WORKP2P and do a deep dive to bring about shared learning.

This month, we capture the learning. It’s a phrase we often use as an indicator to see what we’ve learned, how it’s changed us, and how we can use it to redeem work. So, what have we learned over the past year or so?

Our WORKP2P sidekicks are Alysse Bryson, VP of community development; Tamar Medford, show producer; Elan Olsen, creative sidekick; Libby Sundgren, content development manager; and BEATS WORKING host Mark Wright.

The crazy part for all of us is there are no concrete job descriptions at WORKP2P, just a directive from our founder, Dan Rogers, to be ourselves and be awesome.

So, the team is here…and here we go!

Resources from the episode:

  1. Learn more about BEATS WORKING and our mission to redeem work here
  2. Get to know our Sidekicks and find ways to connect with them here
  3. Send your feedback and suggestions to host Mark Wright at

BEATS WORKING is a platform on a mission to redeem work – the word, the place, and the way. We believe that work is the most honorable act in the universe, and through inspiring stories and practical insights, we want to transform the way people think about work and help them discover greater fulfillment in their lives. We invite you to join us as we build community through sharing and actively demonstrating what we learn.

Stay up to date with us on Instagram (@beatsworkingshow), LinkedIn (@BEATS WORKING show), or YouTube (@BEATSWORKINGPODCAST).

If you have a show idea, feedback, or just want to connect, email host Mark Wright at

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