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Recovery Housing: Creating Safe Spaces for Healing and Recovery

Join Alysse Bryson and Heather Venegas on this King County Recovery Conversations episode for an in-depth delve into recovery housing with guests Jason Bliss and Ricky Mogel.

Jason, the executive director at the Washington Alliance for Quality Recovery Residences, unpacks the accreditation of recovery houses and the rigors they face, championing oversight for safe havens aiding early recovery. He has contributed to the establishment of numerous recovery homes, actively participates in various recovery and health boards, and is involved in the Central Washington Fentanyl Taskforce and the Overdose Fatality Review Board. Through his consultancy work with numerous government and private organizations, he’s played a pivotal role in establishing and sustaining a comprehensive nationwide recovery housing network, impacting the field of addiction recovery and behavioral health.

Ricky Mogel, a senior outreach coordinator with Oxford House Incorporated for Washington state, shares his heartfelt journey of opening houses, especially for men with children, touching on the hurdles they face and his own story of recovery. He moved into his first Oxford House in 2005 and celebrated 19 years of recovery on January 15, 2024. As a certified Recovery Coach, he has helped create multiple recovery coalitions that focus on uniting the various recovery support services, advocating policy change, and combating stigma.

This duo’s commitment to building a safe space for transformation is not just compelling – it’s life-saving. Whether you’re in recovery, an ally, or just intrigued by the compassion in this community, remember this: a stable environment is critical to a fresh start for individuals, families, and communities.

Resources from the episode:

  1. Learn more about Oxford House here and search for openings here. 
  2. Learn more about the Washington Alliance for Quality Recovery Residences here
  3. Connect with Jason Bliss on LinkedIn
  4. Connect with Ricky Mogel on LinkedIn.
  5. Connect with show hosts Alysse Bryson and Heather Venegas on LinkedIn.
  6. Learn more about King County Recovery Coalition and the work they do here. To become a volunteer, a member, an advocate, or an event guest, visit their website.
  7. The King County Recovery Coalition is a regional coalition of the Washington Recovery Alliance (WRA). Learn more about the WRA and the work they do here. Want to find a way to get involved? Click here to become a member, volunteer, or donate to help change hearts and minds around mental health and substance use disorder in Washington state.
  8. If you are experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge, please visit the Washington Recovery Helpline for resources and a 24-hour helpline.

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