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New Sidekick Sessions: Beating Burnout w/ Kristin Graham | Beats Working podcast

Sidekick Sessions: Beating Burnout

Most of us have probably felt burned out at some point in our work careers, but what exactly is burnout, what causes it, and most importantly, how do we avoid it in the first place?

In this episode of Sidekick Sessions, Kristin Graham joins the team for a fascinating discussion that will equip you with tools to identify, prevent, and recover from burnout.  

Kristin has led communications and culture at some of the world’s biggest companies. Now, she’s on a journey to learn and share what she learns to make work better through her podcast, Fewer Things Better, and Unlock, a consulting company offering smart, simple solutions for organizations and busy professionals who want actions, not theory, on how to do fewer things better. 

Our WORKP2P sidekicks are Alysse Bryson, VP of community development; Tamar Medford, show producer; Elan Olsen, creative sidekick; Libby Sundgren, content development manager; and BEATS WORKING host Mark Wright. 

This episode is packed with tips and ideas to help you work smarter and live life on your terms. 

Watch a short excerpt video of this Beats Working episode w/ Kristin Graham:

Resources from the episode:

  1. Connect with Kristin on ⁠LinkedIn⁠.
  2. Visit Kristin’s ⁠Unlock website⁠ to find video lessons to hack a better work experience and listen to her Fewer Things Better podcast ⁠here⁠.
  3. Listen to “Lessons From a Word Nerd. My Journey From Expedia to Amazon and Beyond,” our episode with Kristin Graham, ⁠here⁠.
  4. Learn more about BEATS WORKING and our mission to redeem work ⁠here⁠.
  5. Get to know our Sidekicks and find ways to connect with them ⁠here⁠.

About the Beats Working podcast

BEATS WORKING is a platform dedicated to changing the way people look at work – not just as a means to an end but as a source of purpose and fulfillment. As a game! 

[game: activity engaged in for diversion or amusement]

The BEATS WORKING show is our flagship podcast, designed to explore the many facets of modern work and inspire listeners to redeem work alongside us.

We believe a key component of winning the game of work is sharing what you’ve learned with others. In each episode, award-winning host Mark Wright shares stories of people who are winning the game of work. We’ll uncover their strategies for setting and achieving goals, building strong relationships, and developing their skills to thrive in the workplace.

Our team of world-class contributors – who also lead through learning – bring decades of experience combined with practical applications designed to help you experience work how it should be – as a game that brings fun, purpose, and gratification.

Join us and see if you agree – that work is the most honorable act in the universe. By applying what we learn together, we can give work a new sense of purpose and meaning – and help you win at the game of work, too.

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to take your work to the next level, we’re here to help. Let’s redeem work together.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to redeem work – the word, the place, and the way. 

We believe that work is the most honorable act in the universe, and through inspiring stories and practical insights, we want to transform the way people think about work and help them discover greater fulfillment in their lives. We invite you to join us as we build community through sharing and actively demonstrating what we learn.

Meet Host Mark Wright

Meet Mark Wright, the host of BEATS WORKING. This award-winning storyteller has spent decades connecting with others and helping them share their stories. Now he brings that expertise to BEATS WORKING, guiding listeners through insightful conversations with industry experts on all things work-related. 

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