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My No Spend 2024: The Year of Living Dangerously Without Shopping #JUSTFOR2024

Hello dear readers, it’s me, your favorite style-obsessed shopaholic. I have some shocking news to share with you – I’ve decided to embark on a No Spend Year for 2024. Yes, you read that right. A whole year without shopping. Just let that sink in.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But you’re the one who said that shopping is your cardio!” Yes, indeed I did. And let me tell you, my credit card has been working out more than I have.

You see, I’ve always been about fashion since I was a teenager, flipping through those glossy magazines. I’ve always been drawn to pretty things like a moth to a flame. I mean, who isn’t? But then my OCD kicks in, and before I know it, I’m drowning in Amazon and Nordstrom boxes. It’s like Christmas every day, except I’m Santa, and I’m paying for all the gifts.

I’ve spent years combing thrift stores, consignment shops, and Nordstrom Rack, trying to keep up with the “Sober Jones’s” and buying things I don’t need or use. My closet is so crammed; I can’t even see half of what I own. And don’t get me started on how many pairs of black high heels or sneakers I have. Let’s just say I could open my own shoe store. When people visit my house, I’m fond of saying “Welcome to my gift shop. It’s all fun to play with but nothing’s for sale.”

But this year, I’ve decided to break free from the chains of consumerism. I want more experiences, not things. More memories, not receipts. Yes, I love my dopamine decor and my obsession with always wanting more. But this year, I want to crave creativity, not consumption.

No Spend 2024 #JUSTFOR2024

So, here are the rules of my “No Spend 2024” year. No clothes. No accessories. No shoes (gulp!). No home decor. No books. No dog toys that my dogs don’t even play with (Yes, I’ve been guilty of this too – even my dogs look like hoarders). Basically – no “things.” I’m going to make do with what I have. And trust me, I have plenty.

I know there will be skeptics. “You can’t do it,” they’ll say as they start placing bets on when I will crack. And to them, I say, bring it on! Remember when I quit drinking 17.5 years ago, and everyone said I couldn’t do it? Well, look at me now. If I can put down the bottle for nearly two decades, I can certainly put down the shopping cart for a year.

I confess, on the dawn of New Year’s Day, eliminating all the shopping apps from my phone was akin to tearing away a Band-Aid. Just a few hours later, withdrawals started to kick in when an ad from Temu (a shopping App I’ve never even used) popped up on my Facebook feed, featuring a Breaking Bad Lego RV, and I was on the verge of capitulating right at the start. The following day, a close friend (who is unaware of my No Spend 2024 resolution) texted me a Spanx romper she knew I would adore, and all I could do was respond with a thumbs-up emoji as a lump formed in my throat. As the final parcels of superfluous items I had ordered before the year ended (at 11:15pm on 12/31 to be exact) arrived, a twinge of remorse hit me. Although, there’s no remorse for the Star Wars rug – that’s one purchase I’m genuinely delighted with, regardless of its unnecessary nature. Click here to see the evidence on @alysseinthecity on IG.

This is a No Spend 2024 journey I’m ready to embark on. There will be tears, laughter, and probably a lot of reorganizing my closet. My plan is to also remove a minimum of 24 items from my home every single month in 2024. That’s 288 items for the math nerds. I’m excited about what this year will bring. My plan is to take all of the money I’ll save and take my mom on a dream trip to London. It’s the least I can do after all she’s done for me and after watching all six seasons of The Crown together at least a dozen times.

So, are you with me? Will you cheer me on or wait for me to fail? Either way, I’m here, ready to take on 2024, one non-spent dollar at a time. Here we go!

Day 5 Of My No-Spend 2024 Challenge: The Mall Edition (

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