Alysse Bryson

King County Recovery Conversations: Pacific NW Recovery Podcast Round-Up

It’s the recovery podcast round-up! In this episode, host Alysse Bryson welcomes fellow PNW podcasters Amy Liz Harrison, Pete Cadigan, Tamar Medford, and Casey McGuire Davidson, all sharing their recovery journey out loud.

Harrison hosts the Eternally Amy podcast, bringing a poignant family perspective on sobriety while raising eight children.

Cadigan hosts the Sober Champs podcast, emphasizing the cool factor of recovery out loud.

Medford co-hosts the Laughing Without Liquor podcast, sharing her experiences as a recovering alcoholic and the challenges of working in the corporate sector.

McGuire Davidson hosts Hello Someday, sharing her journey from apprehensive beginnings to becoming a confident sober coach.

Together, they dive into the challenges of navigating holidays in sobriety,  candidly sharing their experiences and giving practical tips.

This inspiring episode emphasizes the power of shared recovery stories, the importance of support systems, and the resiliency in self-care. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with strength, hope, and the spirit of Christmas that will leave you ready to handle the holiday season and beyond.

Resources from the episode:

  1. Connect with Amy Liz HarrisonTamar Medford, and Casey McGuire Davidson on LinkedIn.
  2. Visit The Sober Curator for the ultimate resource for all things related to recovery and zero-proof living.
  3. Listen to the Eternally Amy podcast here.  
  4. Listen to the Sober Champs podcast here
  5. Listen to the Laughing Without Liquor podcast here
  6. Listen to the Hello Someday podcast here
  7. Connect with show host Alysse Bryson on LinkedIn.  
  8. Learn more about King County Recovery Coalition and the work they do here. To become a volunteer, a member, an advocate, or an event guest, visit their website
  9. The King County Recovery Coalition is a regional coalition of the Washington Recovery Alliance (WRA). Learn more about the WRA and the work they do here. Want to find a way to get involved? Click here to become a member, volunteer, or donate to help change hearts and minds around mental health and substance use disorder in Washington state.  
  10. If you are experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge, please visit the Washington Recovery Helpline for resources and a 24-hour helpline.   

King County Recovery Conversations is a podcast on a mission to celebrate recovery and help break the stigma of addiction and mental health. In each episode, policy experts, program professionals, and those with lived experience join host Heather Venegas to share stories of hope, resilience, and healing in our community. Together, we’ll learn about the various pathways to recovery – and the services and support systems available to anyone impacted by addiction and mental health. Whether you’re someone seeking recovery, someone in recovery, a family member or friend, or a healthcare professional, this podcast is for you.

Connect with King County Recovery Coalition online, on Facebook (@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition), or on YouTube (@KingCountyRecoveryCoalition).

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