Alysse Bryson

Sober and Free: Unlock the Art of Courageous, Alcohol-Free Journeys!

“Travel not just to see the world, but to transform yourself.” This sentiment rings true as I’m excited to introduce you to Kathleen Ramon, our host at the upcoming Stay Sober While Traveling virtual summit.

Kathleen, or Kat to her friends, is not just a sober travel coach; she’s a storyteller, an educator, and a true comedian in the journey of sober fun! Her background as a teacher and Behavioral Specialist, combined with her nearly 15-year-long triumph over alcoholism, gives her a unique perspective on how to travel the world with courage, and with purpose.

This online show, curated by Kat, is a buffet of experiences, insights, and real-world strategies set up like an advent calendar getting people through the holidays with one inspirational video emailed out each day. We are building our alcohol-free community with as much inclusion as possible!

 Love 12-step programs? This summit will resonate with you, offering new insights and affirmations.

 Not a fan of 12-step programs? You’ll find alternative approaches and fresh perspectives here.

 Just curious about sober travel? Dive into stories and tips that open up a world of possibilities.

 Already enjoying long-term sobriety? This event will reinforce and celebrate your journey.

 Supporting someone in their alcohol-free journey? Gain understanding and tools to be an effective ally.

As a speaker, I am honored to join Kathleen and over 20 other experts who are ready to share their wisdom, strength, and hope. This isn’t just an online show; it’s a movement towards embracing travel as a rich, exciting, alcohol-free adventure!

Starting on December 5th, we invite you to join this transformative experience. It’s more than learning how to travel sober; it’s about changing the narrative of your life’s journey, one sober step at a time, and transforming into a better version of yourself through traveling. To quote Kat, “Travel heals trauma”.

Register now for free and be part of this super unique event.

Let’s embark on this journey together. With Kathleen Ramon leading the way, the paths we explore and the stories we create will redefine what it means to travel sober and have a great time doing it!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Alysse Bryson

CEO/Founder, The Sober Curator

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