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In this episode of the “Eternally Amy” podcast with Host Amy Liz Harrison and Guest Host Alysse Bryson, Laura Cathcart Robbins, author of Stash – My Life in Hiding, shares her journey of recovery, discussing the common misconception that sobriety instantly leads to a perfect life. She highlights her raw and honest experiences post-treatment, including heading to the pharmacy, revealing her love for Ambien, and her evolving relationships, all while navigating the challenges of recovery. Laura’s story emphasizes the importance of patience, intentionality, and self-love. The conversation also touches on her upcoming auto-fiction novel, which explores a painful betrayal from a place of neutrality. Additionally, Laura discusses her podcast, “The Only One in the Room,” featuring unique stories of individuals who have felt alone in various situations, fostering empathy and understanding.

In this episode, we also talked about:

●     Writing as a Form of Healing

●     Impactful Book Covers and Their Importance

●     Laura’s Post-Rehab Struggles and Growth

●     Common Sobriety Misconceptions Debunked

●     Patience and Order in Laura’s Love Story

●     Sneak Peek into Laura’s Auto-Fiction Novel

●     The Journey from Self-Discovery to Self-Love

●     The Diverse Stories on Laura’s Podcast

●     Navigating Infertility as “The Only One”

●     Overcoming Resistance to Start Writing

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