Eternally Amy Boozeless Book Club: Killing Hurt by Will Thatcher

In this episode of the “Eternally Amy” podcast, Host Amy Liz Harrison & Guest Host Alysse Bryson discuss with Will Thatcher his book, “Killing Hurt.” The book follows Troy Martin, a recovering addict with a troubled past, as he embarks on a surfing trip to Nicaragua to find a new path in sobriety. The episode goes into addiction fiction as a genre and shows how hard it is for the characters and how deep they are.

Will Thatcher talks about where the story came from and how he writes flashbacks. Did the book do a good job of showing the long road to recovery after the initial sobriety? They also talk about the relationships between the characters, including the mysterious Andy. Overall, the episode gives a look into the world of fiction about addiction and how this interesting story came to be. Learn more by listening to this episode!

In this episode, we also talked about:

  • Is Addiction Fiction a Unique Literary Genre?
  • The Complex Character of Troy Martin
  • Deepening Character Development
  • The Ongoing Journey of Recovery Beyond Early Sobriety
  • Who is Andy in the Story?
  • The Inspirations and Motivations Behind the Book
  • Will This Get a Sequel?
  • Exploring Different Aspects of Self
  • Recovery Outside of Meetings
  • Continuation of Life Beyond Recovery

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