Sidekick Sessions: Productivity Spotlight – What’s Your Chronotype with Kristin Graham

Are there times during the day when you’re just on fire – cranking out reports, getting things done? And then, are there times you mentally crash? The good news is it happens to all of us, and it all has to do with a concept called chronotypes.

Chronotypes describe when during the day our brains are most and least productive. We’ve all heard people described as “early birds” and “night owls.” Well, it’s a scientific truth, and the more you know about it, the more successful you can be at work and home.

That’s the topic of this month’s Sidekick Sessions, where we gather the team responsible for producing the podcast and talk with a previous guest on the show to uncover new learning and ways we can put it to work. A new Sidekick Sessions episode drops every third Wednesday of the month.

The sidekicks are Alysse Bryson, VP of community development for BEATS WORKING & WORKP2P; Tamar Medford, BEATS WORKING show producer; Elan Olsen, creative manager; Libby Sundgren, content development manager; and BEATS WORKING Host Mark Wright.

In this episode, word nerd Kristin Graham returns to lead the sidekick team through a lesson on understanding personal and team chronotypes to work smarter and get more done. Kristin has led communications and culture at some of the biggest companies in the world and is on a journey to learn and share what she knows to make work better.

Here’s to early birds, night owls, and those in between. Listen to the full Sidekick Sessions episode here:… Resources from the episode:

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