Alysse Bryson

Sober Not Mature with The Sober Curator Founder Alysse Bryson

This week Sober Not Mature podcast hosts Mike and Bill interview Alysse, founder of The Sober Curator. You may have read some of the Sober Not Mature posts as far as how they all became acquainted and if not, they get into it briefly.

Alysse is truly “one of us” and she has 17 years sober. She has had her ups and downs, successes and failures and she does a great job of walking us through her story.

In this episode you’ll hear a lot of things that we have all heard before, such as trying to control drinking, meetings in church basements were not for her (in the beginning), along with feeling like she was unique and dealing with depression and feelings of uselessness.

But today, she has a lot going on and that is the fun stuff. She has a full-time job, the website, service work and a great outlook on life. You’ll be happy that you listened to this one.

Enjoy the episode.

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