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Sidekick Sessions: Understanding Generational Codes at Work

The BEATS WORKING podcast is on a mission to redeem work – the word, the place, and the way. Another purpose of the show is to create a platform where we can share what we learn. One of the ways we’re doing that is through a new series we call “Sidekick Sessions.”

In Sidekick Sessions, we gather the team responsible for producing the podcast and talk with a previous guest from the show. What were our takeaways? How did the guest’s teaching change our perspective and how we now show up at work? The goal is to add layers of understanding through new perspectives and to help you get to know our team at WorkP2P (our parent company).

The sidekicks are Alysse Bryson, VP of community development for BEATS WORKING & WorkP2P; Tamar Medford, BEATS WORKING show producer; Elan Olsen, creative manager; and Libby Sundgren, content development manager.

Our first episode is dedicated to understanding generational differences at work with author, speaker, and consultant Anna Liotta. Whether you know it or not, we all have a generational code, which is the lens through which we view the world. Anna has dedicated her career to helping people and companies understand those codes to improve communication and the workplace. Our sidekick discussion with Anna was rich and varied because we have a range of ages and backgrounds on our staff.

If you have not heard the original episode with Anna, it’s worth a listen. It is packed with wisdom and insight. The title of that show is called “Why Won’t Gen-Z Come Back to Work—And Other Generational Disconnects;” you’ll find the link below in the resources.

Listen to the full Sidekick Sessions episode here:

Resources from the episode:

  1. Learn more about BEATS WORKING and our mission to redeem work here.

Get to know our Sidekicks and find ways to connect with them here.

Listen to Anna’s episode, “Why Won’t Gen-Z Come Back to Work—And Other Generational Disconnects,” here.

Learn more about Anna and explore the suite of services she provides by visiting her website.

Click here to receive a complimentary copy of the first chapter of Anna’s best-selling book, “Unlocking Generational Codes”.

BEATS WORKING is a platform on a mission to redeem work – the word, the place, and the way. We believe that work is the most honorable act in the universe, and through inspiring stories and practical insights, we want to transform the way people think about work and help them discover greater fulfillment in their lives. We invite you to join us as we build community through sharing and actively demonstrating what we learn.

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