The Sober Edge with This Naked Mind Senior Coach Teri Patterson

Are you ready to explore the ‘edge’ you get from not drinking? Are you curious if not drinking will change your life for the better? Wondering what to do with all of your energy and mental clarity now that you’re not drinking?

Join your host Teri Patterson, certified This Naked Mind Senior Coach and functional nutritionist, as she interviews men and women who have let go of drinking alcohol and created a life of passion, purpose, and joy! Teri brings tips, tactics, and practical knowledge from her work helping people change their relationship with alcohol and take their life to the next level. Want to run a marathon, write a book, create true wellness, or start a business? Get ready to be motivated, inspired, and astounded by what is possible with The Sober Edge.

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Crafting a Sober Lifestyle: Insights from The Sober Curator

If you have ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to find all things sober” look no further. Alysse Bryson is the creator of the online magazine The Sober Curator. She is also a woman in long-term recovery who recently celebrated 17 years of freedom from alcohol. Alysse shares her journey from the anonymous rooms of AA to ‘recovering out loud’ and becoming a spokesperson for all of us who are walking a similar path.

Alysse discovered that there was not ‘one version’ of recovery. She lived her alcohol-free life quietly but found that she was often a sought-after resource for friends and family. Then, during the pandemic, she shifted from protecting her story to ‘recovering out loud.’ She credits her time and experience in sobriety with allowing her to identify ‘when she could be helpful’ and why moving front and center was the next right move.

With her background in media and print, Alysse launched The Sober Curator in August 2020. The Sober Curator is an online magazine with various contributing writers and a content library including: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Happy Every Hour, Travel, and The Spiritual Gangster. This pandemic baby recently placed in the top 15 recovery blogs and the top 10 recovery magazines worldwide.

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