Host & Author Tonya De’Laine of Soul Shack Sisters: Dare to Do You with Alysse Bryson

Solution-Based talks about life and the real issues that we face along our journey. Finding our purpose discovering our WHY and helping lift each other up together. SOUL SHACK SISTERS is all about bridging the gap that keeps us disconnected from our true self are SOULself. We are not alone!! We have a voice and together we will help each other RISE!! Here is where we raise our vibration, speak our truth, learn how to build healthy boundaries while establishing long-lasting relationships. Women EMPOWERING Women. Here it’s all about solutions, not excuses. Action with a meaningful purpose! Growing forward together!!

Dare to Do YOU Episode with Alysse Bryson

The Mantra for 2023 is Dare to Do ME; however, saying YOU sounds better! That being said, this episode with special guest Alysse Bryson is all about Daring to DO. It’s in the Action that the Magic Happens. But what if you are full of Fear, Doubt, and Worry? How do you dare to do? Together we tackle this subject by sharing our own personal stories and how we Dare to Do it every day. Well, most days. Some days we hide, but most days, we RISE!

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