Getting Bac 2 Zero & The Sober Curator

Getting BAC 2 Zero was formed in 2020 as a Sober Support Community embracing all paths to recovery and all who desire to pursue a life of sobriety.  They aim to provide a ‘home’ for all to come and explore the many issues and options we may encounter on our road to recovery.  By sharing information on all topics related to sobriety, BAC 2 Zero hopes to allow each individual to tailor their specific formula to aid their journey best.

The Bac Story with Alysse Bryson

In this episode, Jeff G, Host of BAC 2 Zero, and Peggi C., Co-Host and Author of This Side of Alcohol, sit down virtually with Alysse B., Founder of The Sober Curator. The conversation covers how The Sober Curator came to be and the recovery organizations that Alysse works within the Seattle area. (The Recovery CafeKing County Recovery Coalition, and the Washington Recovery Alliance) She claims that service work is the “secret sauce” to maintaining long-term recovery.

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