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Hello Someday Podcast – Let’s Go ToThe Movies!

It was a real treat to sit down virtually with fellow sober Seattleite Casey McGuire Davidson, host of the Hello Someday Podcast. Casey also provides life & sobriety coaching for busy women who want to drink less and live more.

Casey McGuire Davidson is a certified life coach who helps busy women quit drinking and create lives they love without alcohol. She’s a wife, a mom, a practical dreamer, a retired corporate ladder climber, recovering people-pleaser, and an ex-red wine drinker, who’s been known to crawl into bed at 9 pm and whisper, “Don’t worry…you’re still a badass” to herself.

When I first exchanged messages with Casey about what we might talk about, I told her about this master list I was building that would showcase all of the movies, TV series, and documentaries that have an addiction, recovery, and mental illness as part of the top storyline. She enthusiastically agreed, and now here we are. Below you will find over 170+ Movies, TV Series, and Documentary recommendations. I’m not saying they are all fantastic or an accurate depictions of substance abuse and recovery.

AS SEEN ON THE SOBER CURATOR: The Best TV Shows, Movies, and Documentaries About Addiction & Recovery

Because it’s movie night and the feelings, right, it’s movie night! Since you’re no longer binging on alcohol and drugs, you will need other activities to fill your time. This article brings you over 170+ movies, TV series, and documentaries that The Sober Curator recommends adding to your playlist.

Pop the popcorn, grab your fav alcohol-free bevies or make your favorite mocktail, dish out your favorite treats and sweets, and settle in for some good old-fashioned cinema entertainment. Need any ideas on what to drink? Head on over to our HAPPY EVERY HOUR section for our curated list of non-alcoholic beverage options.

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