Alysse Bryson

Show Up For Yourself and Check Out The New Show Up And Stay Podcast Hosted by DeAnn Knighton, Featuring Guest Alysse Bryson

Thank you for showing up for yourself. No one can make early recovery not hard, but maybe we can make it a little easier. Show Up and Stay (SUAS) is a free resource targeted at individuals in the early stages of alcohol addiction recovery, though most of the information is applicable to other process addictions too.

Meet Your Host, DeAnne Knighton

DeAnn has 20 years of experience in healthcare sales. Her day job is leading, selling, and marketing. Her heart work is learning, writing, yoga, meditation, hiking, recovery, and self-growth. She is a Rocky Mountain girl for life and lives in Denver with her Frenchie named Ripley.

What She’s Working On:

The Show Up and Stay application is designed as a supplemental resource for the challenging and confusing time of early sobriety that includes:

A podcast series featuring a diverse catalog of interviews and group conversations from individuals successfully navigating sobriety. Learn more here.

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