The Mindful Binge – A New Podcast That Talks About The Roles of Addiction, Recovery, and Mental Illness in TV Shows and Movies

The Mindful Binge is a new podcast series by Alysse Bryson, Founder of The Sober Curator, and Lane Kennedy, Founder of the Connected Calm Life. These two West Coast besties have never met in real life. They met on the Clubhouse App during 2021, thank you global pandemic. What do these two share in common? Long-term recovery for one. Alysse is “Class of 2006” and Lane is “Class of 1996”. Not only do they share living a clean and sober lifestyle, but they are both also obsessed with sober pop culture. You might be thinking, “Wait? Is that a real thing?” Well, according to Alysse it is.

Alysse and Lane both share a love for discussing and analyzing how addiction and recovery show up in mainstream media, especially in TV Series and movies. So, buckle up! These two sober blonde besties will entertain you as they banter about the shows they are watching, mindfully of course. And sometimes, they have to agree to disagree.

And you can find them in IG @alysseinthecity and @lane_kennedy_

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