9 Mid-Life Sober Instagram Accounts to Follow – and I made the list!

It’s never too late to get sober, and these inspiring accounts prove it!

When I think back to almost a year ago, it seems very surreal that The Sober Curator is what it is today. Last July (2020), I packed up my laptop, my dogs Roxie & Bella, and headed down to my parents house in Centralia to start building The Sober Curator. Nearly one year later, it has become a robust website, that entertains nearly 3,000 unique visitors per month, and features over 20+ Sober Curators from around the United States, Canada, and Australia. We’ve started a club called SOBER POP on the Clubhouse App (Audio-Only) that meets two times a week and is home to over 600+ club members. The Wednesday meetings are recorded and published as a podcast called Sober Pop the Playback. I’ve been a guest on numerous recovery podcasts and helped produce a virtual event called #JUST424. And now, just in time for my birthday, The Sober Curator hits the top 9 Mid-Life Sober Instagram Accounts to Follow on Instagram according to Dorri Olds of The Temper.

Along the way, I celebrated 15 years of sobriety and somehow managed to collect three new sponsees that I’m actively taking through the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s been a hellava ride and my favorite part of all of it is the amazing people I have met and become friends with in the recovery community around the world. My goal was to be able to look back at how I spent my time in a global pandemic and to be proud of it. Mission accomplished!

As I look ahead, I have no idea where this sober train is going. I’m just grateful to be along for the ride and I continue to put my faith in God and his plans for the best ways I can be of service to the alcoholic that still suffers.

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