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Recovery Podcastland: A Sober Girls Guide with Jessica Jeboult, the Modern Community and Guide for Women in Recovery

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast, by Jessica Jeboult, is a podcast based on sobriety and recovery. Tune in each week to hear honest conversations about mental health, self development, wellness and spirituality and how they influence each guests unique recovery journey.

About Jessica Jeboult, Founder of A Sober Girls Guide

Anxiety, Depression and Guilt. She’s been through it all. She has been where you are. Her addictions fueled these emotions to the point of debilitation.

Change is possible. Jessica is living proof.

She was living the fast life in the heart of Los Angeles, California. A full time traveling club Dj, she played all the big Hollywood parties in the hills and the hottest night clubs. She travelled to exotic places and partied with celebrities till the cows came home. On paper she had the perfect Rockstar life. It was fun, until it wasn’t. Jessica found herself with no real relationships. She hated the hours and was working while everyone was off having fun. She didn’t want to be in clubs every night, having fake conversations with drunk people.

Because she wasn’t fulfilled in her life, she drank. Jessica was anxious because she was depressed so she drank. She felt guilty for not having motivation to change her life, so she drank. Wanting to stop this vicious cycle but she didn’t know how. Jessica had been sober off and on for over 10 years. In the past, she had always looked at sobriety from a place of lack. “If I quit drinking I wouldn’t be fun. If I quit drinking I would loose my friends. If I quit drinking I wouldn’t have enough confidence.” 

It wasn’t until she changed her mindset around drinking that her life changed. When Jessica flipped the script and looked at all she was gaining from not drinking, that’s when the magic happened.

#ADDTOCART: A Sober Girls Guide – The Merch

When I found Jessica’s podcast early on in the pandemic, I felt like I found my new best friend. I took her podcast with me daily to walk my dogs. Finding out she had merch, it didn’t take me long to #ADDTOCART. Shopping is my cardio and I was thrilled that I had finally found some cute recovery merch. So far, I have purchased the Sober Girl Varsity sweatshirt in gray and the t-shirt in black. Naturally, I also had to add the face mask and sticker to my collections. SHOP HER MERCH HERE

Recovery Podcastland: A Sober Girls Guide the Podcast

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