Alysse Bryson

The one where Alysse plays with Friends TV Show LEGOs during COVID-19 Seattle Washington Quarantine

I’ve been in quarantine essentially since March 5th. There have been a small handful of trips to the store (Costco and Target) plus my pharmacy. Outside of that, I’ve pretty much been on lock down. Walking the dogs multiple times a day is considered my “big adventures” each day. My son and I both have underlying health issues that put us both at high risk for COVID-19. I have been working full time from home and my son has been video gaming full time from home. So I thought to myself, why should he have all of the fun? Plus I’ve hit a wall with TV time. Between watching for work (shameless plug for KING 5!) , watching to stay informed, and watching for entertainment reasons, I was in desperate need of a TV break.

I put together my very first (and probably last) LEGO set. Prior to COVID-19 changing the lives of everyone I know, I had planned on throwing a Friends TV Show theme party. I’d ordered many things to make the party perfect. My list included a Friends Themed Photo booth with all of the perfect props, Friends LEGO Central Perk set, Friends Monopoly, Friends TV show gifts to use as door prizes, a costume for me and a costume for Jakob. While the party has currently been postponed to an unknown date in the future, I decided to put together the LEGO set. I will say it required such concentration to put it together it gave me SEVERAL hours of relief from the “real world” problems we are all experiencing.

How are you filling your time in quarantine? I’d love to hear about it!


Friends Lego Set
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