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The new instagram heaven near Pike Place Market and how to make the most of your visit to the Seattle Selfie-Museum

Instagram lovers, are you ready for an entirely new type of an art museum in Seattle? While there are many things to see and do in downtown Seattle, the Seattle Selfie Museum is way different and one of Seattle’s newest attractions. What’s so cool about this museum? It’s simple, fun, and a place built for the 21st century digital nomad. (aka instagram narcissists that love to take pics of themselves) Here all you need is your iPhone, a couple of friends, and you’re in for an ultimate speed photoshoot and modeling experience.

Tips on how to prepare and maximise your time at the newly opened Seattle Selfie Museum in downtown Seattle located off of Post Alley near Pike Place Market. My friend Sarah and I decided to spend our “Galentine’s 2020” together by treating ourselves to some selfie-care and selfie-love with each other because we know we can be our selfie around each other.

The most important thing you need to know is that you should book your ticket ahead of time on the Seattle Selfie Museum website. They sell museum tour time in one-hour increments that are maxed out at 36 people in the museum at one time, per hour. Price is higher on the weekends, $34 per hour, verses weekday rates of $29 per hour. The experience is kid friendly and small dogs are even welcome!

Inside the museum there are tons of selfie-ready attractions that you’re welcome to snap pictures of, touch, and experience. That’s right—they actually allow you to touch and experience the exhibits firsthand! Be considerate and be gentle. It will be crowded and people will break things, but try your best to preserve what they’ve created.

Can you bring in your professional camera? You bet! They are DSLR friendly. But don’t be the asshole that spends 30 minutes at one installation. Take a couple shots and move along. Also, plan on staying more than an hour? That’s cool but have good etiquette. You paid for an hour and that doesn’t mean you get to take three hours.

Special note: They are not wheelchair (or stroller) friendly. This semi-permanent pop-up exhibit is located in a historical building off of Post Alley in a old brick building that did not get approved to make updates too.

Hungry and thirsty? Eat your snacks and hydrate up before your visit. It gets crowded with ten installations on one floor and fifteen more installations on the floor above that. And no one wants to put there hand someplace after your fingers covered in food have been. (Special note: pack hand sanitizer) They do have one bathroom for public use.

Dress in layers! If the hour is at capacity, that’s 36 bodies moving around with camera lights on and in-use at nearly every single station. Want to change up your look? Layers will help you accomplish that as well. This isn’t a place you go and do wardrobe changes.

Get that shot! Know your angles and which side is your best side. Have fun with it! Keep it interesting by not looking at the camera in every shoot. Experiment with the props but don’t break them (and remember: GERMS!)

Most importantly: Bring a buddy! While it says “selfie’ in the title, it’s actually hard to do this one on your own. The kind folks that work there may help out here and there with a snap or two, but that’s not what they are being paid to do. Plus, you will have more fun and be more comfortable with a friend. (especially if it’s a good one that tells you chin up to avoid a double chin or helps fix your hair or outfit to make sure each pose is just right)

Plan to spend extra time at Pike Place Market! Whether you get there by public transportation or find a spot to park, you put in all this effort. Spend a little more time in the neighborhood. Wander the shops, stick some gum on a wall, act like a tourist, throw the busker a $5 bill and buy yourself some flowers.

Looking for a great spot to snack or break bread? My favorite go-to’s are Matt’s in the Market, Radiator Whiskey, The Pink Door, Cafe Campagne, or the Alibi Room. My other must-do’s in this part of town? I love, love, love Wings Over Washington. Like, I love it so much, I could go on it one hundred times. I’d take this ride over the Great Wheel ride any day of the week.

I’m already looking forward to going back to the Seattle Selfie Museum for round two with another friend and our small dogs. Rain or shine, this is a fun spot to be creative with your friends while also creating content for your instagram accounts. This could also be a great spot for headshots, engagement photos, and senior pictures. This would also be an awesome office outing with co-workers that want to have some creative fun team building (and bonding). Field Trip Friday anyone? (Plus, remember, prices during the week are less and they are typically less crowded during the week vs weekend.

Just remember! You deserve self-time, selfie-care, selfie-love, and time to be your selfie!

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