Roxie and Bella, Boston Terrier sisters from different misters, model for the Seattle Goodwill annual pet Halloween photoshoot and look adorable doing it

Roxie and Bella, the Boston Terriers also known on Instagram as the @lilbossybitches, were honored to be asked to be in the annual Seattle Goodwill Pet Halloween costume photoshoot. This was Bella’s second year participating and Roxie’s first. The bottom line, these bitches will do just about anything for treats.

They geared up to head out in their matched Best Friends hoodies and backpacks from ANKO. Their backpacks have enough room to carry their treats and their poop bags. Naturally I explained to them if they were old enough to “work”, they were old enough to carry their own stuff. Roxie was oblivious and Bella looked mildly annoyed as we headed out to the photo shoot. For the most part, they don’t mind when I dress them up as long as I don’t put anything on their heads or on their faces.

Excited to see what looks they pulled for the girls, we arrived full of wiggles and drool and my purse full of treats. In any new environment the girls need a little time to wander and adjust to their new surroundings. The smells, the people, the lights. Their first look was a giraffe and a shark. Neither of the girls were feelin’ it.

For their second look, Bella was placed in a Toddler 2T Pumpkin costume that wasn’t even made for pets and it fit her full figure curves to a T. A Toddler 2T that is. Roxie sported a sombrero and a poncho and I secretly wished I’d brought Bella’s costume from last year…a TACO. (Get it? Taco Bella?!?!??!) They were starting to find their rhythm which meant, they’d figured out if they sat still they’d get treats. This wasn’t their first photoshoot rodeo. The final shoot included Bella still rockin’ her Pumpkin and Roxie as a T-Rex, which actually really fits her personality well.

Does it get any cuter than this? No, not it does not.

I love shopping at the Seattle Goodwill for pet costumes and toys, always making sure to hit up their stuffed animal section. My girls are cuddlers not really chewers and my house looks like a preschool daycare on any given day with stuffed animals and toys in places all over the house. It’s cheaper than prices at pet stores, sustainable by keeping these gently used items out of landfills, and I know the dollars go to support job training and more through the programs offered at the Seattle Goodwill to local community members in need. As for the bitches, they continue to be the bestest of friends and they’re available for hire. All they want in return is attention and treats. Don’t we all?

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