Girls trip to New York City to see the lights at Times Square, shop, dine, and hang out with Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show at 30 Rockefeller

It was day two of our girls trip to New York City to see the lights at Times Square, shop, dine, and hang out with Jimmy Fallon at The Tonight Show at 30 Rockefeller. I knew it was going to be another incredible day, especially because there wasn’t a rain cloud in sight! On the morning train into the city I was thankful not to be damp from head to toe, like the day before, while I listened to an episode of Crime Junkie, a new podcast I’d recently discovered.

Earlier this spring, while attending Seattle Dances Gala, benefitting Plymouth Housing Group to support my co-worker Mark Wright as he danced the night away, I won the Jimmy Fallon NYC raffle with two tickets to The Tonight Show! Working for KING 5 NBC, I had actually already been to see Jimmy TWICE! (I know, I’m a lucky gal.) I knew my dear friends Sonny & Trina, who reside in Pompano Beach near Fort Lauderdale, were BIG BIG BIG fans as they watch every single episode every single night. This seemed like a perfect reason to meet them in the city that never sleeps and treat them to one perfect night as audience members of Jimmy Fallon.

We met up at the Moma Design Store, one of my favorite places to shop while in the big apple. Next up, we headed over to Lexington to check out UrbanSpace, a hipster market makers food hall that features test kitchens, kind of like a restaurant incubator of sorts. The sun was shining as we headed over to 30 Rockefeller to check out the ice skaters and play with gadgets inside of FAO Schwarz. I dropped off the gals at Rockefeller Plaza for their big night and then I proceeded to wander the streets, shopping and hunting for the perfect instagram shots.

After a few hours had passed, I headed back to 30 Rock to hang out in the NBC store while waiting for Sonny & Trina to exit the show. I was greeted with HUGE smiles as they came pouring into the store with the other energetic guests exclaiming Jimmy had high fived them at the end of the show! Everyone should have a few special New York moments, and I know for a fact that will be one that they treasure for years to come.

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