Alysse Bryson

Meeting up with friends in New York City? Spend the day at The Vessel at Hudson Yards, The Grand Bazaar NYC, and the Chelsea Market

New York City can be an overwhelming place to figure out how to make plans with your friends when you know you are only going to have two full days together. Day one was spent walking through the Grand Bazaar of NYC, New York City’s biggest curated weekly bazaar and flea market. The theme for today, October 20th was desserts. It did not disappoint.

We were very excited to visit the newly opened Vessel at Hudson Yards. Tourist tip: it’s free if you register ahead of time and beat the line. Or you can pay the $10 to get in. Be warned, the elevator is off limits to ADA only and I have personally never seen an elevator move so slowly in my entire life. We also observed they also don’t let you off the elevator if you are qualified to ride it or with someone who is. As soon as you get to the top, it’s right back down for you. Those stairs didn’t scare us, but the dumping rain clouds didn’t really add much in the way of enjoyment. We were drenched by the time we made it to the top and back down again.

Next up, Gansevoort Market for lunch, followed by shopping and people watching at the Chelsea Market. The creepy Halloween decor was in full effect and the pop-up shops, including a Project Runway one, made it hard to keep my debit card firmly in my wallet where it belongs. I’ve never met a gift shop I didn’t like. Ok, that’s not entirely true, but I really love shopping for random and cherished collectables of sorts. If it’s weird, if it’s artsy, or if it has nostalgia that represents my childhood, I find it hard to resist. And if nothing else, I’m always adding to my magnet collection. (NERD ALERT)

We ended the day at the Starbucks Reserve that is right next door to the Chelsea Market. Compared to the original one back home in Seattle, this one was on Coffee Flavored Willy Wonka steroids. The place was full with damp, angry New Yorkers that didn’t like to wait in lines. But we were able to refuel enough to battle the pelting rain and subways and then called it a night.

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