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Alysse Bryson interview with Mimi Jung and Amity Addrisi on KING 5 NBC Morning News to promote KING 5 Konnected 2019 “Party with a Purpose” at the Paramount Theater on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Admittedly, I was a little bit nervous to be interviewed on TV. I may have the gift of gab, but I’m used to being behind the camera and not in front of it. That said, I am so passionate about KING 5 Konnected, a concept I created that celebrates local nonprofits while encouraging community members to get to know new nonprofits and get involved, that I was not going to let my nerves win out and turn down an opportunity to promote the event on the KING 5 morning news with Mimi Jung and Amity Addrisi.

This will be the 2nd Annual KING 5 Konnected event and we moved to a larger venue, the Paramount Theatre, so we could accommodate more nonprofits and more guests than the year before. For a full list of stories of the nonprofits and vendors that participated in this event in 2019 please visit the KING 5 Konnected page.

And SAVE THE DATE! Konnected 2020 will be on Thursday, April 2 5p-9p at the Seattle Center Armory Food & Events Center.

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