Saturday mornings with Rita and her pink panther sunglasses as we run errands in Ballard

Rita and I have been friends for almost 13 years. We met in an unconventional way in Ballard back in 2006, which is a story for another time. There are so many things I enjoy and admire about my friend Rita. Her ability to jump into a car for a ride, demanding that her favorite CD gets put in immediately, turned to track 17 (Bobby Bare Lincoln Park Inn), and have the speakers turned up as loud as possible. Rita can car-dance like no other.

Rita dancing to one of her favorite tunes

Rita has over 100 pairs of crazy glasses (at last count), and I personally have purchased a good 10+ of those. When Rita likes something, she likes a lot of it. She has a sweet tooth and is always baking-up almond butter biscotti bars or mixing up her famous trail mix. Rita could live on key lime pie. She has three cats, two of which are named Angelina & Jolie. Today I met her pet crow that was perched outside of her apartment in Ballard. She refers to him as her crow friend Doug.

Rita will tell you how it is, or at least, how she thinks it is, and she doesn’t hold back. She can swear like a sailor and her laugh is one of my most favorite sounds. Rita’s painted lips are perfection.

Today when running errands we stopped off at her neighborhood QFC and, to be honest, I had trouble keeping up with her. She’s lightening quick when she is on a mission. Fortunately for me, she knows so many people in the store, employees and patrons alike, that slows her down a bit.

Rita on a mission at QFC

Rita doesn’t have a computer or a mobile phone. In fact if you try to call her, chances are her line will be busy. (no call waiting because “that’s rude!”) That said, she knows all about the “internet” and she wanted me to put this message out to everyone, everywhere (she thinks I know a lot of people) as they start their New Year. Words of wisdom from my dear friend Rita…

Rita’s words of wisdom for the new year

“Seize the moment. Seize the day. Do no harm and stay out of harm’s way.” – Rita B.

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