How to create good team morale during the holiday season that’s fun, festive, and builds memories!

Do you remember your high school days where each class would decorate an area based off of a theme? Maybe around homecoming or spirit week?

KING 5 approaches their team building in a variety of ways, with the holidays serving as a creative outlet, our spirit week if you will, to renvision our office space appearance. Three years back, we had moved into a new, modern building with an open floor concept that many businesses have adopted over the last decade. In the true nature of any sales team, it’s made up of outgoing people that are not shy about being competitive.

The management team decided it could be fun if each area or “pod”, as we like to call them, would decorate in whatever theme they chose and then we would provide tickets for everyone in the entire building, from all departments company wide, to vote for their favorite pod. It came as no surprise to anyone, that each team embraced the idea by showcasing their creativity, cleverness, and ability to be persuasive when it came time to lobby for votes. 

Each year since, the level of competition goes beyond what was done the year before, as the teams start secretly meeting in early fall to plot out their strategy and make lists of supplies. Although we do have a first place prize, that includes the winning team going to lunch and a fun activity (example in 2017 the team went to Wings Over Washington), it’s really more about the bragging rights than anything else. This provides MONTHS of bantering back and forth, sometimes even within the moments the decorations come down. Who will win the following year? What ideas can be done next?

The coveted Golden Santa Trophy

Surprisingly, no pod has ever had the exact same theme as any other team. And so far, no “theme” has yet to be repeated. Curious about the year before? Check out my video from 2017 here

Is it a lot of work? Yes. Does it create a major clean up afterwards? ABSOLUTELY! Sssshhh, don’t let the secret out, but this is how we secretly get everyone to clean out their area at least one time per year to stop the inevitable office “hoarding” that can happen in a company of our size. Is this a recruitment tool? Of course, but it’s also so much more than that. 

This year several pods added a philanthropic piece to give back, including a toy drive and donating money to buy a goat for a small village in a 3rd world country. Afterall, it’s not all just about ugly holiday sweaters and who makes the best cookies. (but there are REALLY good cookies)

Why is it worth it? It brings people closer together creating camaraderie, laughs, competition, and fun. For individuals alone or with family far away, this may be the highlight of their holidays. It also gets staff from other departments mixing with the sales team and creating connection and serves as a reminder we are all working for the same cause. We provide quality local content across all screens and platforms that is an important piece in our communities. Whether we are entertaining, or informing the facts, we help give people in our communities a voice through storytelling. 

KING 5, a broadcast media company and NBC affiliate based in Seattle, WA, is one of the strongest and most trusted brands in the Pacific Northwest. Rooted in local history, KING delivers the largest local news audience, the most local programming, and is considered one of the strongest television stations in the country. We produce 12.5 hours of local content every weekday. KING 5 recently celebrated our 70th anniversary. We are committed to our communities by providing engaging storytelling with journalistic excellence and results to our clients. Yes, shameless plug I know. But when you work at a place that feels like home, you can’t help but brag a little bit about being a part of “The Home Team”. 

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Happy Holidays from my decorated pod to yours! -Alysse

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