LinkedIN surprised me with a unique gift in response to one of my blog posts! Their #inittogether campaign is a very thoughtful and clever marketing and engagement tactic

LinkedIN surprised me with a unique gift in response to one of my blog posts! A few weeks back I received an email via my LinkedIN account from a woman named Sarah that does business with LinkedIN. She shared with me that they were very touched to read my recent blog post on my recent battle with melanoma skin cancer this past summer, how I shared how supportive the company I work for is,  and that they would like to send me a little something in the mail. I have to admit, I was surprised that my little blog post with only 82 likes and 44 comments on LinkedIN would get any attention at all, especially from a giant like LinkedIN. But, I do really love snail mail that isn’t a bill or an invoice. So naturally, I responded back thanking her for her kind words and provided my work address. The skeptic in the back of my brain secretly wondered if they were going to try and sell me something. Then life got busy and I didn’t really think about it again. That is, until today.

Logging into my email on a very foggy Monday morning, I read a message from Judy, our darling gal that sits at the front desk reception area for KING 5, saying there was a package waiting for me on the package table. That’s interesting, I thought, I don’t have any outstanding Amazon orders. What on earth could it be?

Upon opening the box, I squealed in delight as my eyes took in the oh-so-clever packaging. That’s right! Sarah from LinkedIN did say she was sending me something a few weeks back. I hustled over to my desk, blue box in hand, with the eagerness of a five year old on Christmas morning. I was so impressed with the packaging at this point, it didn’t really matter what was inside of the box. I am a sucker for clever packaging.

Immediately I was captivated by the contents. It may be because I’m a Gen X-er, but I absolutely love handwritten notes. Giving them and receiving them. I feel like it’s a lost art in business and I’ve always been a firm believer that a good handwritten note will make you stand out from your competition. Being memorable in business, especially when you’re in a sales role, is critical. Just ask anyone I’ve managed for the last decade and they will tell you I’m all about a good thank you note. Not only was this a handwritten note, but the note went into detail referencing a phrase I used in my blog post where I talked about this being my year of love, my 143.

Included in the box were two more small, decorated boxes with teal and yellow geometric triangles and the Stella & Dot brand across the front. Inside each box was a silver engraved necklace with “143” across the silver bar. There was one for me and one for me to give away to someone who needs the love and encouragement I showed when I shared my story. If I could change my relationship status on Facebook right now to read “Alysse Bryson is in a relationship with LinkedIN” I would! Seriously, could they be more thoughtful?

Also included in the box was a complimentary LinkedIN Premium Membership and a complimentary LinkedIN Learning Habits of Success course. Just like a five year old at Christmas, I ran around the office showing everyone and anyone that would listen my beautiful blue box, raving about how thoughtful LinkedIN is.

Thoughtful gifts aside, the real message that I took away from this Monday surprise in a beautiful blue box was their hashtag “#inittogether”. Having melanoma skin cancer was scary and at times I felt very alone. I feel so fortunate that I work for a company that was so supportive during such a difficult time. When you go through a health crisis, you expect your close friends and family to be there cheering you on. But you don’t always assume your job or boss is going to be that thrilled that you need to take several, unplanned, weeks off. I’ve had health issues when I worked for another company that was not supportive of my needs and in one circumstance down right insensitive and cruel.  So, this time around I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, despite the fact I already knew I worked with such an awesome group of people. My expectations were completely blown out of the water with the support I received across all departments at KING 5, the local NBC affiliate in Seattle. And now to have a company like LinkedIN reach out with a message cheering me on for my bravery and perseverance,  reminding me that we are all just “in it together”, it’s truly unbelievable and solidifies why I will continue to use LinkedIN as part of my daily business routine.

One of my favorite Confucius quotes is as follows… “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I like to think of my career as an extension of who I am. Each week day, I wake up excited at what the day may bring, the people I may meet, and the opportunities to use my creativity to provide marketing solutions that help businesses, across all verticals, grow their business. LinkedIN has been apart of my daily routine for years to make connections, keep tabs on others in my industry, read relevant business articles, prospect for new business leads, and so much more. I love what I do and I pour love into what I do. It’s just who I am. As my year of love continues, it’s nice to know it will show up in all aspects of my life, including in my work day. And if I forget, I can simply look down at my adorable “143” necklace from LinkedIN and be reminded that we’re just all just in it together.

Wishing you a year filled with 143!  #inittogether #linkedin

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