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Public Speaking in Seattle: Storytelling is my thing and I’m especially good at it when I talk from the heart about my personal and professional experiences. Want to hire me?

Public speaking can be a scary thing. I have had a ton of practice over the years, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still get nervous. Earlier this week I had a paid public speaking gig at the Columbia Tower Club in downtown Seattle hosted by Key Bank to a group of women interested in wealth management, health, and work life balance. With my background of life experiences, I’m the perfect “what not to do” example. Perhaps this is what makes sharing my story so appealing to me. If I can take everything I’ve learned (by doing things the hard way ‘ahem) and help other women perhaps not make the same mistakes or catch themselves before things go to far, then that makes it ok. Actually, in a way, it makes it better.

I’m a very charismatic person. And, I’m loud. Really loud. My sister is too, so I guess it’s genetic? My parents aren’t that loud though, so who knows. Do these things skip a generation? When I share my story I’m very authentic. I just tell it like it was. And, sometimes, like it still is. My hands will be waving around like I’m swatting flies because I’m so overly animated. I just can’t help myself. For this particular speech, I was sharing the history of my career path, the high points, the lows, the bumps, the wins, and the “oh shit I just fell off a cliff” versions. One of those cliffs being my life just became a country song series of events and now I’m like “WTF”? And while I’m so open to sharing my growing pains, it does leave me feeling very exposed and vulnerable at times.

So to get a note from a guest in the crowd via LinkedIN from someone I just met, well that there is pretty darn special. And wouldn’t you know it came at the perfect time? I was having a hard time staying out of my head and over-analyzing what I think I remember I said. Playing it over and over, in hopes I could perfect it and travel back and do it better. Inside my head is never a good place for me to be alone. This note gave me pause to remember I’m doing ok and man do I love getting a thank you note. Which reminds me, I want to continue to focus on being someone that is always thanking others for things they do that help me, move me, change me. After all, it’s really the little things.

I’d write more, but public speaking is really my thing. Reach out! Let’s chat.

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