Floor & Decor wanted to come into the market in a BIG way and with KING 5 Media Group, a TEGNA Company, they were able to do just that

  On Sunday, June 17th, 2018 KING 5 presented Seattle Gets Floored pre-game party at the KING 5 Station at HomePlate Center across the street from Safeco Field. To celebrate the grand opening of Floor & Decor in Tukwila, WA later this month, we build a dance floor in the courtyard, creating a fun, family friendly environment as game attendees made their way to the Mariner’s game. It started at 10am with Dance Powered by Jennifer Cepeda and her bad ass crew as they did a full class of hard core hip-hop cardio to the latest beats, encouraging anyone to join in on the fun. At 11am the Massive Monkees took to the floor as their crew of six showed us all their tricky moves. Kids and parents alike were encouraged to join the fun and participate in a dance demonstration, learning to do the robot, the worm, the crab, and many more Massive Monkee moves. Talking Rain and Sparkling Ice was on hand giving out full size samples for guests to cool off and stay hydrated with. Photobooths by Ryan & Jacy brought in fun props to capture the fun Father’s Day photos and H206 events spun all of the tunes. KING 5 handed out K5 Hearts Dads buttons, along with other cool KING 5 button flair. Watch the full KING 5 Evening Facebook live and see the moves for yourself!


Looking for DIY options?

Check out this post from my friend over at Happy DIY Home. If dancing makes you as happy as it makes me, then you want a great floor to dance on!

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