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KING 5 Konnected Event “Party with a Purpose” is like speed dating but for nonprofits

Block 41 outdoor courtyard in downtown Seattle

KING 5 Konnected was a huge success in year one! I love innovating and KING 5 gives me the freedom to create nontraditional media concepts and revenue streams. In this particular case it took over a year and a half to create an exciting new platform called Konnected, which was an evening that KING 5 viewers could get connected with the nonprofits that make the Pacific Northwest the philanthropically unique region that it is. AKA, it’s a party with a purpose. And if you know me at all, you know I throw a damn good party. Don’t believe me? Check out these fun red carpet photos on KING 5 Evening’s Facebook page here.
Guests enjoyed beer, cocktails, wine and delicious bites from some of Seattle’s best restaurants while they took in live entertainment and got to know nearly 25 outstanding nonprofits that are each contributing to the greater Seattle area in their own unique ways. You can check out additional party pictures here.
My vision for this concept had a singular goal: that guests would leave the evening feeling informed, inspired, and motivated to take action in a way that is meaningful to them, in whatever way that is meaningful to them. Joining a board, offering professional advice, or volunteering time, money or resources. The “Konnections” don’t stop there.
Do I believe that if all 700 guests left that evening and took action, even in small ways, it will create change? I do, 100%. The needs in our community our big and so I dream big. KING 5 Konnected is intended to become a year round platform of story telling of local nonprofits, under the Konnected brand, that will inspire our viewers to get involved. The best part? KING 5 has a very large megaphone in this market place. As a legacy station that was founded by a female, and that has been around for over 50 years, KING 5 is a brand the community trusts.
Whatever your philanthropic passion, KING 5 is here to support you as you get “Konnected” with your community! And for each one of you that do, a little piece of my dream is further put into place. Want to check out some of the stories we’ve done on this years nonprofits?
I hope you will join us in 2019 as we continue to Party with a Purpose! Until then, go do something nice for someone who isn’t expecting it and make their day just a little bit better.
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