National Walking Day 2016 – What to know before you “Lace up and go”

With National Walking Day on April 6th, 2016, it was so much fun to sit down with my friend Marni Hughes on Q13 Fox News’s 4 p.m. news hour the day before to chat about the benefits of walking for the heart.
I walk days a week, 30+ minutes each day. I always strive to hit at least 10,000 steps, which means you’ll never see me without my Apple watch on. Side note: do you hate it as much as I do when you forget to put on your tracking device and realize it mid-day? Or what about when the battery dies? It makes me feel like all those steps didn’t even count! #iliterallycanteven
My continued work as a Go Red Ambassador for the American Heart Association annual 2016 Go Red campaign is so rewarding in so many different ways. Need a walking buddy? I find that having a small puppy with lots of energy is one way to ensure I keep moving every day. I also have several friends I can call to set up walking dates with. Accountability keeps me moving. Rain or shine, I find ways to keep moving and get my steps in every day. I’ve been known to walk around my living room while I watch TV to ensure I hit my 10K steps. Other tips include taking the stairs whenever possible and parking further away at the mall or grocery store.

Alysse Bryson Q13 Seattle

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