Alrighty, buckle up folks, ’cause I’m about to spill the AB iced tea on how I totally rocked the pandemic like a lady boss and taught myself lots of new tricks. 

Lockdown? More like lock-and-load for my creative arsenal! While I have no formal graphic design training or website-building skills, I worked on perfecting those during those long months (years?) of lockdown. Some people were baking banana bread and dancing on TikTok; I was building brands, creating content, making online connections, and designing the spaces that the content would live in. 

My mama told me I’ve always had a flair for the creative, and I like to think I have a good sense of style. I have a distinct aesthetic and a knack for making others look good. 

But here’s the scoop: none of these mind-blowing projects would be strutting their stuff without my squad of superstar collaborators I fondly refer to as sidekicks. Seriously, these incredible folks are the wind beneath my creative wings, and we’re tighter than a pair of skinny jeans. 

So, there you have it, my pandemic power play. While others were baking soggy bread and twirling around on TikTok, I turned dreams into pixels and made the internet my sober playground. Cheers to innovation, style, and the friends who make it all a fabulous, sass-filled ride!  And cheers to all the new, never worn hats in my future! I hope to add the “Author” hat to my collection, so ask me how it’s going and help hold me accountable. PS. I’m also doing a #NOSPENDCHALLENGE #JUSTFOR2024 You can read more about that here. 



in the business of being ab

WORKP2P, formally known as Point to Point Transportation, is a non-traditional media agency and innovative, technology-based global transportation & events company offering solutions to businesses and marketing professionals that demand perfection.

The BEATS WORKING show is the flagship podcast of WORKP2P, designed to explore the many facets of modern work and inspire listeners to redeem work alongside us.

WORKP2P is on a mission to redeem work – the word, the place, and the way.

Intentional Training: Discover what you want, how to get it, and live with purpose. Learn intention’s benefits, energy management, and goal achievement. Embrace fulfillment now.


Meet Dan Rogers, my mentor, friend, and boss; he is the fearless leader of BEATS WORKING, Point to Point Transportation, and the WORKP2P team. This former burrito roller turned CEO is a visionary who has dedicated his life to creating systems to help people figure out what they want and how to get it. 

SIDE NOTE: I’m his FREE (Friend and employee), which means I’m FREE to be AB. #seewhatididthere

Inventive media maven, marketing whiz, and city aficionado with a knack for contagious laughter and an unyielding drive to win—that’s Alysse. What’s her passion? Building communities, troubleshooting business conundrums, and catapulting fresh ideas. Boasting 25+ years in the media sphere, she’s seasoned in advertising sales, brand marketing, social media, content strategy, and event orchestration.

Meet Mark Wright, BEATS WORKING Podcast host, event emcee, Community builder, keynote speaker, former TV anchor and journalist, drummer, bowler, and organic farmer who is dedicated to living a life full of intention.


The Sober Curator is your ultimate resource for all things related to recovery and zero-proof living. With a team of passionate volunteers at the helm, we are on a mission to curate, review, and contribute only the best content related to the sober lifestyle.


Kate’s Philosophy:

“I don’t believe in scaring or shaming people into recovery. I inspire people to have hope in healing. I believe hope is more contagious.”

Welcome to Leaving CrazyTown, a YouTube channel created by Dr. Sarah Michaud and Finn Allen dedicated to helping individuals navigate the ups and downs of life, including the struggle with codependency. Through their personal experiences and expertise in mental health, they offer unfiltered insights and strategies to help viewers overcome the challenges associated with codependency and lead more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Sarah Michaud, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist in central Massachusetts with nearly 40 years in recovery. She is the author of Co-Crazy – One Pschologist’s Recovery from Codependency and Addiction and is Co-Host of Leaving CrazyTown Channel on YouTube with friend in recovery Finn Allen. 

Fat Science with Dr. Emily Cooper is a podcast on a mission to explain where our fat really comes from and why it won’t go (and stay!) away. In each episode, we share little-known facts and personal experiences to dispel misconceptions, reduce stigma, and instill hope. Fat Science is committed to creating a world where people are empowered with accurate information about metabolism and recognize that fat isn’t a failure.

Join us every week to learn more about the science of why we get fat. No diets. No agendas. Just science that makes you feel better.

This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.



At seven Dr. Jeff Spencer committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist. At twenty-one, he competed in the Olympics. Soon after Dr. Jeff realized that helping exceptional performers tap into their highest potential was as equally satisfying to him, as competing and winning for himself. Ever since, he’s coached top-tier performers into Elite Performers. He’s changed their habits, strengthened their minds, and given them the tools to consistently deliver at the height of their games.

Are you ready to win?

William (Billy) Gwaltney, ChFC, CLU, REBC

Billy’s specialty is brokering and servicing own-occupation disability insurance protection for physicians and business professionals. 

He works with clients across the United States. He’s been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1991.

Billy lives in Concord, NC and spends most of his free time with his wife, Ann Marie, and their two children, Ava and Gavin.  In addition to serving his clients, Billy is passionate about the gospel, world missions, baseball and his favorite sports teams (the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, UNC Charlotte 49ers and Duke Blue Devils).

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