My glass is always half full; there’s just no booze in it. This is a catch-all for my curated memories of how I see and move throughout the world. 

22 Things I’m Grateful For in 2022

At the end of each year, like many people, I reflect on all the things I am grateful for. What was good? What was fun? What was hard? What was easy? What surprised me? What would I like to forget? What could I do better in the year ahead? And what about those non-eventful moments?

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SOBERTHDAYS! How To Celebrate A Sober Sweet 16 Anniversary 80s Style

elebrating my Soberthday didn’t use to be a big deal to me. It was something I celebrated quietly, usually with acknowledgment from my parents with a card and a plant. Those in my sober circles might give me a funny card and a coin. It was never something I celebrated on social media and not the type of event I’d consider hosting a party. At most, I’d maybe go out to dinner with my son or some friends. I would always use it as an excuse to buy something special. Usually, saying to myself, “You deserve it! Just think about how much money you’ve saved not wasted on drugs and alcohol.”

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